Car Portable CD Player Adapter Circuit

Car Portable CD Player Adapter Circuit
Car Portable CD Player Adapter Circuit

# The voltage your CD amateur needs will actuate which regulator you use. For 9V, use the 7809. For 6V, use the 7806. For the absurd 5V use the 7805. Remember that whatever regulator you use, you will charge to calefaction bore it. The metal case or metal awning on the case makes a abundant calefaction sink.

# I congenital the ambit in a baby case with the continued wire to the cigaratte lighter bung advancing out one end, again another, hardly beneath wire activity out the added end to the CD player.

# Triple analysis your wiring. You would abhorrence to ruin an big-ticket CD amateur because you antipodal one of the access or absorbed the regulator up backwards.

Car Portable CD Player Adapter Circuit Parts:

Total Qty.
C111000uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor
C2110uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor
C311uF 15V Elextrolytic Capacitor
C410.1uF 15V Electrolytic Capacitor
U117809 Or Other Regulator (See "Notes")See Notes
MISC1Cigarette Lighter Plug, Plug For CD Player (See "Notes"), Heat Sink For U1, Wire, Case.

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