12V to 120V Inverter Circuit Diagram

12V to 120V Inverter Circuit Diagram

# Q1 and Q2, as able-bodied as T1, actuate how abundant wattage the inverter can supply. With Q1,Q2=2N3055 and T1= 15 A, the inverter can accumulation about 300 watts. Larger transformers and added able transistors can be commissioned for T1, Q1 and Q2 for added power.

# The easiest and atomic big-ticket way to get a ample T1 is to re-wind an old bake transformer. These transformers are rated at about 1KW and are perfect. Go to a bounded TV adjustment boutique and dig through the dumpster until you get the better bake you can find. The bigger the bake the bigger transformer. Abolish the transformer, actuality accurate not to blow the ample aerial voltage capacitor that ability still be charged. If you want, you can analysis the transformer, but they are usually still good. Now, abolish the old 2000 V secondary, actuality accurate not to accident the primary. Leave the primary in tact. Now, wind on 12 turns of wire, aberration a bend (center tap), and wind on 12 added turns. The guage of the wire will depend on how abundant accepted you plan to accept the agent supply. Enamel covered allurement wire works abundant for this. Now defended the windings with tape. Thats all there is to it. Remember to use aerial accepted transistors for Q1 and Q2. The 2N3055's in the genitalia account can alone handle 15 amps each.

# Remember, back operating at aerial wattages, this ambit draws huge amounts of current. Don't let your array go asleep :-).

# Since this activity produces 120 VAC, you charge accommodate a agglutinate and body the activity in a case.

# You charge use tantalum capacitors for C1 and C2. Regular electrolytics will overheat and explode. And yes, 68uF is the actual value. There are no substitutions.

# This ambit can be catchy to get going. Differences in transformers, transistors, genitalia substitutions or annihilation abroad not on this folio may account it to not function.

# If you appetite to accomplish 220/240 VAC instead of 120 VAC, you charge a agent with a 220/240 primary (used as the accessory in this ambit as the agent is backwards) instead of the 120V assemblage defined here. The blow of the ambit stays the same. But it takes alert the accepted at 12V to aftermath 240V as it does 120V.

# Check out this appointment affair to acknowledgment abounding of the best frequently asked questions about this circuit: 12 - 120V Inverter Again. It covers the best accepted problems encountered and has some accessible suggestions.

Here The Part List Of 12V to 120V Inverter Circuit Diagram :

Total Qty.
C1, C2268 uf, 25 V Tantalum Capacitor
R1, R2210 Ohm, 5 Watt Resistor
R3, R42180 Ohm, 1 Watt Resistor
D1, D22HEP 154 Silicon Diode
Q1, Q222N3055 NPN Transistor (see "Notes")
T1124V, Center Tapped Transformer (see "Notes")
MISC1Wire, Case, Receptical (For Output)

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