4 Channel Temperature Data Logger

Temperature Data Logger 4 Channel

Here's a temperature data logger circuit, an 8-pin microcontroller based circuit for temperature data logging via the serial port of any computer from between 1 and 4 remote digital temperature sensors, DS1820/DS18S20 made by Dallas.

Features of the Temperature Data Logger are are follow:
  • Provides realtime data via the serial port.
  • Interfaces up to 4 x DS1820 sensors.
  • Accuracy to 0.5 degrees centigrade
  • Fahrenheit scale selected by a jumper
  • No external power required
  • Data stream easily logged & processed.
  • Over 200m distance for each sensor

The sensors of temperature data logger may be located more than 200 yards from the PCB. Just check that the remote VDD is above 4.4Volts. It's recommends 10uF tantalum capacitors be placed across the power supply pins (not supplied) to minimise random errors and possibly get increased range.

Download :
- Circuit Schematic and Parts List
- Sensor Specs DS1820 DS18S20
- Software for Windows and DOS
- Source Code
- Terminal Emulator

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