UA78G/UA79G Variable Power Supply Circuit Diagram

UA78G/UA79G Variable Power Supply CircuitUA78G/UA79G Variable Power Supply Circuit Schematic

A abiding capricious ability accumulation with an adjustable achievement voltage from 5 volts to 30 volts can be calmly complete with the regulator ICs UA78G or UA79G. These ICs alter from the accepted three-terminal regulator back their achievement voltages are adjustable by a voltage akin at their ascendancy inputs. The best accepted delivered by these ICs is 1 ampere.

The able voltage charge be at atomic 5 volts college than the adapted achievement akin to advance stability. The ascribe voltage about charge not beat 40 volts. The best amusement of the IC is 15 watts.

The capricious ability accumulation ambit presented actuality is advised to accord best voltage akin of 28 volts. If P1 is replaced with 25K potentiometer, the regulator can bear up to a best of 30 volts. Capacitors C1 and C2 balance the IC and they charge be affiliated as abutting as accessible to the IC terminals.

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