AVR microcontroller Based Ethernet Remote Switch Device

This baby Ethernet alien accessory opens a absolutely new apple of absurd applications. It's small, it's accessible to body and there are amaranthine possibilities to use it. Ethernet has commonly been a absolutely circuitous interface. All Ethernet chips until today had 100 pins or more, area difficult to acquisition in baby quantities and difficult to use from a baby microcontroller with little memory. Microchip has afflicted the apple with their new ENC28J60 Ethernet chip!

The ENC28J60 is a baby dent with 28 pins alone and has a SPI interface which is accessible to use from any microcontroller.This opens a accomplished apple of absolutely new applications. You can calmly body baby accessories which can be advance all over the abode and artlessly affiliated to ethernet.

You don't charge anymore a abstracted consecutive affiliation or added bus. Everything can be calmly affiliated via Ethernet. Distance is no best a attached factor. Even WIFI connectivity is accessible because you can affix the accessories to a wireless bridge.

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