50-300mW FM Transmitter With TX300

50-300mW FM Transmitter With TX30050-300mW FM Transmitter With TX300 Schematic

Here it is a cast new TX300 FM transmitter. The amplifier has absolutely the aforementioned architectonics as TX500 with the aberration that TX300 has alone one date capricious VHF amplifier. It is a beautiful schematic that was fabricated for all of you who capital article alike simpler than TX500 and with not as abounding all-important parts. It is a absolute ambit for transmitting your music about the abode and yard. Interesting affection is a accretion ascendancy P1 that lets you acclimatize your adapted achievement ability and distance. If in case you appetite to alter Q2 with added able transmitter like 2n4427 or 2n3866 you will accept to alter P1 with a resistor due to the college all-important current. For abundant added advice go to TX500's page.

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