Bent Dipole Antenna


The easiest way to shorten a dipole is proven in Fig . In the event you don't have sufficient duration between the supports, just hang as much of the center from the antenna as possible among the supports and let the ends hang down. The ends might be directly down or could be at an angle as indicated but in either case must be secured so that they don't move inside the wind. So long as the center portion in between the supports is at least ë/4, the radiation pattern is going to be really nearly the same as being a full-length dipole.

The resonant duration in the wire will probably be considerably shorter than a full-length dipole and may preferred be determined by experimentally adjusting the duration of ends, which might be conveniently near ground. Keep in thoughts that there can be highly great potentials at the ends of the wires and for security the ends will need to be stored from achieve.

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