AT89C4051 Digital Real Time Clock Circuit

AT89C4051 Digital Real Time Clock CircuitFigure 1: Circuit Diagram for AT89C4051 Digital Real Time Clock Circuit

Figure 1 shows the circuit diagram for the digital clock. Port 1 of the controller (AT89C4051) is used as the data lines for the LCD (starting from pin 7- pin14 of LCD). here i am using a 16 x 2 lines LCD display. In the first line, I'll display "DAY" and "DATE", in the second line, i am displaying "TIME" with am/pm.

Port 3 is used for the clock setting and it also provides the necessary control signals for the LCD. As shown in the diagram, switch3 will be used to select the parameter which need to be changed, switch 1 and 2, are used to increase or decrease the selected parameter value.

When the power supply is switched on it will give you the default date and time, but later you can change it to the desired value.

The source code for the project is written in C-language, and compiled using Keil C compiler, you can download the c-code, schematic, and if you don't have a cross compiler then you can directly burn the HEX file on to your chip,


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