PCM2702 USB Sound Card Circuit

PCM2702 USB Sound Card Circuit Diagram

Designing and architecture a USB complete agenda is no best a arch anguish because we accept got the PCM 2702 chip ambit from Texas Instruments. The PCM2702 is an chip 16 bit agenda to analog advocate that has two agenda to analog achievement channels. The chip interface ambassador of PCM2702 is adjustable to the USB 1.0 standards. The IC can handle sampling ante of 48 KHz, 44.1 KHz and 32 KHz. The IC additionally has a cardinal of advantageous appearance like on-chip alarm generator, agenda attenuator, comedy aback flag, append flag, aught flag, aphasiac action etc. The best absorbing affair is that this ambit is bung & comedy and doesn’t charge any disciplinarian software for Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

The ambit gets ascendancy abstracts and audio abstracts from the USB through the D+ and D- pins of the PCM2702 all the abstracts appointment is agitated out at abounding speed. The decoded audio signals will be accessible at the VOUTL and VOUTR pins of the IC. The 12MHz clear is affiliated amid the XT0 and XT1 pins of the IC. The VBUS (USB bus power) pin and DGND (digital ground) pins of the IC are affiliated to the +5V and arena pins of the USB respectively. The ambit requires +5V DC and +3.3V DC for operation and both of these voltages can be acquired from the USB anchorage application LDO (low bead out) voltage regulators (not apparent in circuit).


  • +5V DC supply can be derived from the USB port using a +5V LDO regulator.
  • +3.3V DC supply can be derived from the USB port using a +3.3V LDO regulator.
  • Audio signals (output) available at VOUTL and VOUTR requires further amplification for driving low impedance head phones or loud speakers.
  • The PCM2702 is available only in SSOP28 package and requires special care while assembling.
  • Before attempting this circuit please go through the datasheet of PCM2702 and get a clear idea about the device.

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